Yoga met Jacinta / with Jacinta

Jacinta has been practicing yoga since her early teenage years with her mum as guide. She has completed a Purna Yoga Teacher training in Auckland in 2013. In Jacinta’s classes you can expect to be challenged, to have fun, to relax, to dance, to build up strength and connect with your inner self. She is in love with Vinyasa flow, but not afraid to incorporate other styles in her classes and own practice. Her aim is to create a loving and nourishing atmosphere where students feel welcome and are encouraged to be exactly how they are. “I feel honored to be able to share my passion for yoga”.

Jacinta has experience offering a variety of different yoga classes in New Zealand: public, private and corporate yoga classes at different locations. Yoga Love is also available for teambuilding workshops, hen’s parties and other one-off events. She moved back to The Netherlands in June 2018. Jacinta is now establishing herself as a yoga and meditation teacher in Waalwijk, Noord-Brabant besides being a busy mum of two active boys.


“Jacinta, you are an amazing teacher, your knowledge is remarkable, your attention to detail is impressive, your passion for yoga and willingness to share yourself with us at a profoundly personal level is incredibly generous”

~Ken Adams~

“I have struggled to even begin with where to start in recommending Jacinta’s yoga classes, as she is an amazing teacher with so much to offer. Jacinta is a gentle, wise, compassionate and genuine lady whose classes have to be experienced in order to fully appreciate the energy she creates. I love the way in which her practice not only addresses the physical body, but also the spiritual and emotional elements too. Following her departure from New Zealand, I miss Jacinta’s classes very much, but wish her all the best for her future ahead. To all of those who are able to access her classes, may you find them as wonderful as I did.”

~Emily Kate~

“Jacinta is an exceptionally gifted person and an amazing yoga teacher. She has a quite extraordinary ability to carry a class of mixed ability so that everyone feels special and is able to develop their practice to the best of their ability. Her graceful and beautiful demonstration of poses is simple inspirational. But it is the warmth of her connection with students that is really outstanding. She has motivated and encouraged me, a very inflexible man in his seventies, to a daily practice that has changed my life. I am enternally grateful to her and cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to benefit from her teaching.”

~David Martin~


“Jacinta is a naturally gifted yoga teacher with the ability to create a beautiful, warm and welcoming class suited to any level. Her knowledge and understanding of yoga practices is extensive and she has great awareness of what her students are capable of. Jacinta is one of the most genuine and compassionate people I have met and she has inspired me to further my yoga practice. I am truly blessed to have been a part of Jacinta’s classes and miss her and her classes immensely.”

~Sarah Jones~


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