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Being you and me


 “The closer people get to self-realization the more ordinary they become”

– George Feuerstein –

Recently I came across this beautiful quote. For me this is so true. The more you discover who you really are, the more likely you are to live a peaceful and content life. You don’t have to be a famous guru, yoga teacher or healer to make a difference and inspire others. If that is your dharma in life, you can of course, but it is not a necessity. It is less important what you do, than how you do it. For example, you can run a small café in a remote village and create a loving, inspiring and warm atmosphere for your customers. You don’t sell yourself as an enlightened person, you’re just you and you do your best in whatever you’re doing. During my time in Africa, I experienced the most beautiful moments with the most ordinary persons.

For me it is a perfect realization, when I’m eager to take up more yoga training’s and workshops. I’ve just completed my 200 hour Purna yoga teaching certificate and I’m already thinking about more training. I hardly stand still to celebrate this completion point, my head is thinking ahead. As usual, I start to compare myself with others and feel an urgent need to do more study. It feels like I’ve been on the top of the iceberg and now I’m so keen and curious to experience and learn more about the rest of the mountain. On the other hand, I know that we’ve just moved to another city and I’ve hardly any income. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like the right time yet to undertake and pay for more study.

My doubts fade away when I read the quote about self-realization. It made me realize that it doesn’t make me a better person if I do more study. I’m not going to become enlightened faster (or at all) by paying for another yoga training or spiritual course. All those training’s, workshops and studies around yoga, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality are trying to teach me one and the same thing: it is already here – inside me. Stop the search and the ‘shopping’ instead enjoy this moment, this life, right now. Everything is already here – you only have to realize it. And by realizing and living that you become a true inspiration for others and an enjoyable presence. Just being you; as simple as that.


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Karma yoga and fame?!

Karma yoga is the yoga of selfless (altruistic) service or the ‘discipline of action’. It is based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Sanskrit scripture of Hinduism. Karma is derived from the Sanskrit word kri, meaning ‘to do’ and refers to the universal principle of cause and effect. It is the path of doing the right thing and following ones’ personal dharma or life purpose and accepting destiny as it comes. This includes acting without being attached to the fruits of one’s deeds. If you do your work without selfish expectations it purifies your mind.

Karma yoga is performed by right means and does not harm anybody or anything. The so-called ‘doer’ is dropped from the action, since you are a mere tool of the divine. If you practise karma yoga, you’re expressing the unity and the divine, ego plays no part. A karma yoga teacher is aware that the result of the teaching is out of his/her hands. You are an instrument, a servant of truth or love. Unique about karma yoga is the focus on the spiritual and the philosophy behind the process you experience on your mat. Karma yoga can assist you with living your role or dharma in life without actively seeking any remuneration in the shape of wealth, satisfaction or fame.

How do you inspire?

How do you inspire?

Then I start to wonder, what is my dharma or life purpose? I can easily think of aspects of my dream job; freelance writing, teaching yoga, counselling, inspire people. Not sure how, when and where yet. I find it challenging to disconnect this with remuneration. Once I made a vision board about my future wishes and without thinking I wrote down the word famous. Why? Maybe it is a wish to be seen and heard, hidden behind my introverted character. Or a deep desire to accomplish something extraordinary in life. I guess – as long as you are not obsessed with your goals and enjoying ‘the ride’- it is okay to strive for them.

For me karma yoga and the associated dharma means; go with the flow in life. You certainly can have specific life goals and at the same time you’re flexible or willing to change your path, while listening to the dedicated signs the universe provides you with. I am the owner of a strong will and I am ‘blessed’ with an abundance of self-discipline and perseverance. Though, at times these characteristics are not very helpful. I tend to ignore my intuition and I don’t listen to the small signals life throws on my path. Whilst the average person already has decided to take another direction, I am still trying hard to go where my rigid mind thinks I have to go to. Yoga is a perfect way to reconnect with my inner world. Practicing yoga allows me to start fresh – like a beginner – with learning to listen and follow my breath. This rhythmic flow of the inhalation and exhalation teaches me to flow more with life and brings me to undiscovered places. I realize once again how wonderful and subtle life is.

Life flow chart

Life flow chart

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