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Looking back after 3 years in Kiwiland



Stubborn Adventure

Stubborn, sensitive and impatient, these characteristics are all known to me. I see them as strengths, they have brought me where I am today: New Zealand. Three years ago, I stepped on a plane to follow my heart with two suitcases filled with clothes and shoes. What else do you need? I said goodbye to my dear family and friends. My mum was crying, I wasn’t this time, since after being separated for six months; I was finally going to see my love again. All the preparations were finished, I was going to step on a plane and start a new adventure. I couldn’t wait! A one-year-try out, that was the plan. We had hardly been together since the first time we met. He went off to China and I went off to Africa. After 4 months I finally came back in The Netherlands and in the meantime he had booked his one-way ticket to New Zealand. We fell in love anyway and enjoyed our time together for the next two months. In the midst of a starting relationship, when the butterflies are abundant and the love is intense, we had to say goodbye. He had made his decision to go back to his beloved New Zealand, a final short love affair would be a good way to end all his years in Holland, was the thought in the back of his mind. I don’t think he realised he was dating a pretty stubborn young lady, who was going to follow her heart, no matter where that would lead her.

Sensitive Challenge

Three years later, we have bought a house and I am teaching yoga and guiding people through inner Journey. I could never have imagined my life would be like this, if you would have asked me five years ago. I exchanged my pushbike for a car and my apartment for a spacious home with a bit of land, chickens and a veggie garden. I exchanged my busy life for a more back to earth relaxing lifestyle. My birthday is now in the middle of ‘winter’ and Christmas is celebrated on the beach. I have exchanged the plenty of good shopping opportunities in Holland for plenty of beautiful quiet beaches in Northland. Lots of change and challenge have appeared for this sensitive soul and will still appear. When I was in my teenage years, I decided to get my driver license as the first one of my sisters. My parents were a bit surprised, their sporty, spiritual, environment friendly daughter was going to get a driver license? Most of the time in my childhood we were without a car, we did everything by bicycle. I really treasure those memories, of our special cosy family. I have never been a fan of driving a car, although I really love my car now, especially on a rainy cold day, so I stay warm and dry. My one secret reason to get my license, was the idea I had in the back of my mind: working in the midst of Africa doing development work and driving around in a jeep. I imagined myself making a real difference to the world, and to truly assist others living a better/happier/healthier life.

Finally feeling and finding love

After several trips to Africa, my eyes opened. Do I really make a difference? Why do I want to make a difference? Do I want to boost my ego? I realized I had so much more work to do on myself, before I was truly able to assist others. The people I met on my trips appeared to look more joyful and happy than the average European. Who needs to learn from whom? I realised that I was trying to do good, while my inner world was rumbling: insecure and restless. If you haven’t connected with the peace, quietness and contentment within you, how are you going to create more contentment in the world, outside you? The Journey was extremely helpful for me to live a more joyful, happy, content and truthful life. One of my last trips to Africa involved Journey Outreach: this was a rewarding, fun, challenging and interesting time. Doing journey work while in the so-called developing countries and my beloved Africa, would be the perfect combination. While occupied with travelling and where to go and live, my love suddenly arrived. As impatient as I am, I had been longing for romantic love for a long time and had written down plenty of pages in my diary on how my ideal partner would look like, behave and so on. I often doubted if I would ever meet the right guy. I promised myself, I would rather stay by myself than choose for a relationship that didn’t feel 100% truthful, fulfilling and happy.


We have learnt and experienced so much together. I can’t imagine living apart anymore. So yes, I would recommend everyone to follow your heart, no matter how scary, unknown, uncertain or awkward that might be. If you really trust your heart, your life will be an amazing journey. My uncertainty and doubts about work has completely disappeared when I decided to teach yoga and meditation. I feel immense grateful to be able to share my passion to follow your heart and live the life of your dreams. I believe that if I can assist in creating more inner peace in myself and others, I truly make a difference in the world. It is rewarding and so empowering to do and live your passion. My dear friends in Africa, I haven’t forgotten about you. My intention is to promote a more mindful way of living to benefit the whole world. Yes, I dream big. I hope to arrive again on African soil one day; to integrate my practice on and off my yoga mat. As a thank you for how Africa taught me to slow down, to appreciate the little things in life, to truly live like we are all connected as ONE.

I deeply bow to all the teachers in my life, especially to one of the most inspiring, wise, empowering and enormously missed woman in my life: my mum.




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I wish you…..


A Wonderful Christmas filled with Laughter & Love, 

And an amazing, inspirational, healthy, happy, surprising, enjoyable 2014! 🙂

Be Healthy, Be You!



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Tricky curiosity

The perfect pose to check out other students

The perfect pose to check out other yogis

Lately, I have been bothered by neck pain. At times the pain goes straight to my head resulting in a hammering headache. So what to do? A careful and precise massage definitely helps, though before I know my vertebral segments jump back in their misalignment. Fortunately, I am surrounded by a lovely family who are able to provide me with some good advice regarding my body aches. First advice: take it easy with your yoga practice and listen carefully to your neck. In other words don’t turn you head to the ceiling in Trikonasana (triangle pose) if your neck is screaming: ‘NOOOOO!’ Also keep on looking at your feet while practicing Salamba Sarvangasana (supported shoulderstand) or rather don’t practice shoulderstand at all for a while.

Most importantly, I am learning the lesson the hard way; stay focused on my own practice during a yoga class. I realize that I often look around to see who else is in the class, what they’re wearing, how they are doing their poses and so on. I thought that I was doing quite well with staying focused on my own practice, but my neck is telling me otherwise. I usually try to roll down my mat in one of the front corners of the room, so I just have a wall space to look at. Although, Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) is a perfect pose to spot other yogi’s and yogini’s behind me. It looks like my neck tries to tell me: stay with your own body! I consider myself as curious, but now I am actually asking myself is it curiosity? Or is it more my ego, trying to compare myself with others? That girl in the back is wearing a beautiful top today, I’m wondering where she bought them. That guy is amazing; he is able to hold handstand for a few seconds. Should I buy a bandana as well to keep my hair out of my face? And so on. As you see, I am far from a focused, stable, (almost) enlightened yogini. I’m just trying to look cool, healthy and flexible and check others out. My resolution for 2013 is to focus on myself! And not only in the yoga class, but also in my everyday life. This includes not getting lost in all those beautiful and funny facebook photos of people I barely know and once again comparing myself with others in terms of career, relationships, friends and financial situation. Instead focus on my dreams and goals. What kind of person would I like to be? What does really matter in life? My intentions for 2013:

–          Stress less and smile more

–          Complain less and appreciate more

–          Question less and trust more

–          Plan less and flow with life more

–          Judge less and love more

Smile, it is the cheapest medicine!

Smile, it is the cheapest medicine!

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