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Be Real

Again, I have been blown away by the amazing and powerful effects of The Journey Process. For me it is the quickest way to feel peaceful, happy and at ease, to arrive home.

Dear you,

I am grateful we met! I would like you to know;

  • It touches me if you dare to share the truth – what is going on right now, here.
  • It touches me if you speak from your heart, saying how you really feel.
  • It touches me if you leave the stories for what they are – stories – and really start to experience and feel.
  • It touches me if you share with me, what you usually don’t share at all.
  • It touches me to see your eagerness to come at peace with life.
  • It touches me if I see you surrender.
  • It touches me if you forgive completely and utterly from the bottom of your heart.

Emotions can be the gateway to our soul, to our true desires, to our true being. Don’t fight or resist emotions. Just let it be.

We will become mirrors and invite other’s to be REAL as well. No need for masks, pretending or hiding. It is time to say YES to life!






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Yoga is about…..

Yoga is about

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Have you seen the documentary Samsara yet? It is a non-narrative film of 99 minutes which combines visual and musical artistry. Samsara is filmed over nearly five years in twenty-five countries on five continents. Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means ‘continuous flow’ or the ‘the every turning wheel of life’. It is the repeating cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth or reincarnation. This film brings us to sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial sites and natural wonders. For sure, Samsara is not a traditional documentary, more a guided visual meditation. The powerful images stay with you for days and you’re encouraged to develop your own interpretations of the images.

After being in a ‘visual guided meditation’ for 99 minutes, I was still, impressed, almost shocked. Samsara made me a bit sad, seeing how we humans live our lives and how we treat the earth and ourselves. The film started a bit slow; with nature images flowing by slowly, but before you know the pace goes up and you’re drawn into the images and actually grateful for that slow and steady start. People are filmed in the same close-up during the movie with no smiles appearing. It makes you wonder how they feel; are they sad, happy, lonely, desperate or angry? Do they feel anything at all? I was shocked to see with my own eyes how different people in the world life; in slums, in factories, in prisons. I loved the images of the babies and the monastery, it gave me the feeling that there is something good in life as well, something to live for. I felt relieved to be a vegetarian most of my life when I saw images of meat factories and factory farms. I recognized the surprising creative coffins from my stay in Ghana. At times I had difficulties looking at persons, because of scars, burns and piercings. My partner and I were both wondering where the images where taken. If you have seen the movie and are curious as well, have a look: SAMSARA and BARAKA

Above all, it made me realize what is really important in life: Family & Friends and following your passions. Life comes and goes. Opportunities come and go. So let’s enjoy Life NOW!

If you haven’t seen this interesting documentary, have a look at the trailer:

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Comparing yourself….

Everyone is special and unique in their own way

Everyone is special and unique in their own way

My lesson for today: stop comparing myself with others as a way towards happiness; Happy with myself and my life.

And if I do compare:


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A meditative journey towards Bliss

Sit and be still

Sit and be still

Raja Yoga is also called the classical yoga. The word Raja means King and therefore Raja Yoga can be translated into the ‘King of Yoga practices’. You can consider your mind as the king. Raja yoga concerns with this king and its fluctuations through meditation. Intense meditation is the focal point of Raja yoga, while embracing the whole of yoga. This approach includes the adherence to the eight limbs of yoga as outlined by Patanjali.

I have just finished my first Teacher Training weekend. It was a profound and amazing experience. It feels special and wonderful to share your passion for yoga with others and learn more about the whole concept and practice of yoga. I’ve realized that my meditation practice has come alive again after this first weekend. First of all, because it is one of the homework requirements to practice pranayama and meditation on a daily basis. This is just the extra push I needed. Normally I would feel guilty to spent an hour or so in the morning to do my asana and meditation practice. Why practice yoga if you have to apply for jobs? Time goes quick and money is urgent, argues my mind. I now allow myself to take that extra bit of time and develop my home practice more and deeper.

The wonderful thing is that I actually save time by starting my day with yoga. I feel more relaxed and at ease with the result of making more efficient decisions during the day. I already knew this of course. Sometimes you need to start fresh over and over again, till it is part of you. I feel blessed that I gave myself the opportunity to start a Yoga Teacher Training. Not sure where my journey will head to, I only know that it feels so right. A yogi friend recently sent me an inspirational speech of Steve Jobs. He talks about the death and how the thought of our upcoming death can inspire you to live life to the fullest. This makes me realize what I really love doing (writing, yoga, counselling, inspire) and that I should trust that life will guide me.

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You will die and pay tax

As we know life is full with changes, uncertainties and letting go’s. In fact, all is uncertain; your job, your marriage, your health, your passions and so on. As my father-in-law-to-be would say there are only two certainties in life: you will die and you pay tax. Though, most humans try to hold on to certain circumstances, people, jobs, ideals, objects. Or we are looking forward to have our lives changed soon, since we are not content in this moment. I’m no different from anyone else. I am afraid for change and sometimes a bit excited if the change includes a step forward. Yoga supports me to rest in this ‘unknowingness’, to trust life and to relax in my body, mind and spirit.  

Thoughts, doubts and worries

But sometimes I would like to run away from uncertainty and change. I want to know what is going to happen and how my life will look like. I want to prepare myself for the upcoming changes and more importantly I actually would like to know what I really want to do with my life. In terms of career, I am not really sure where I would like to go. I have my dreams, but I’ve doubts if it will work out, what the best way is to realize my dreams, if I’ve the guts to actually do it and if my dreams are really my dreams. Welcome to my mind and always existing thoughts, doubts and worries.

Being comfortable with discomfort

While practising yoga you can experience discomfort as well; your standing in chair pose (Utkatasana) and your legs are starting to ache and thoughts arise how long we’re going to stay in this pose. You would like to run away from this discomfort, you would like to change your pose. This situation encourages you to stay in the moment, to be with the discomfort, to be content in this moment. Happiness is not gained from future changes or by moving forward. Happiness is waiting for you, here in this moment.

I don’t know

I don’t know how my job situation will look like in a month’s time. I don’t know if I will be a Yoga Teacher in the end. I don’t know if I will continue writing. I don’t know if I’ll be living in New Zealand for the rest of my life. I don’t know if I will start a family in a couple of years. I don’t know if I’ll run out of money soon and so on. It can actually feel quite refreshing to realize you don’t know anything at all. My challenge is to rest in this unknowingness and to transform obstacles into challenges and opportunities. Don’t enjoy your job? See it as a possibility to explore other work areas and to discover your dreams.

Happy smiles

Are you moving to the other side of the world, far away from your family, friends and familiarity? See it as an opportunity to start all over again; make new friends, choose new careers, explore new sports and hobbies, improve your work-life balance. It is almost like you are born again, fresh. I feel very grateful I actually have this opportunity to start all over again. It sometimes feels a bit egocentric and at the same time I feel blessed to live in a beautiful country with a great partner and a good work-life balance. At these moments, I realize work doesn’t really matter that much. Work doesn’t have to influence my state of happiness. I think about all those big smiles I met on the faces of children in rural Africa. In a materialistic way, they have almost nothing, but in a spiritual way they are fortunate and blessed. Let’s count our blessings and BE content.    

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